These features will help you maintain control over who within your organization is allowed to perform certain tasks.

  • If a task “Prepare Invoice”, for example, is associated with the group ‘Finance-admin’, all incoming tasks will be open for everyone in that group to handle. In certain cases, you may want to control who performs the action. Maybe Peter and Maria are your experts within the ‘Finance-admin’ group. This can be controlled by the Assign performer feature.
  • It is also possible to send tasks to a previous performer, either when a task is sent back in a process or when a participant is assigned several tasks in an instance/a case. If a task has been performed by a specific person, it often makes sense that that person receives it again to add, check or evaluate information.

Assign performers to participants

Open your process in the modeling tool. Then mark and right-click on the sequence flow/arrow you want to control. Choose Properties. This will open the toolbar below.

In the section “Runtime Configuration” you will find the controls you need.

Assign performers when performing a task

Assign performers to Participants lets you have full control as to who, whether it be a specific member of staff or one of a number of staff members in a group, should carry out the task within a process. After ‘Assign Performers to Participants’ a drop down menu appears. It shows options that correlate to the roles that you have assigned to the lanes in your process diagram. For example, if you have four lanes which consist of Archive, Manager, Performer and Registrar, then these are the options that you will be presented with in the drop down box.

For the participant performing the task, this dialog box will appear when he or she chooses to finish the on-going task. In this example, he or she will have to assign performers to the roles Performer and Archive.

Note: For the Comments part, see article Action comments.

Assign performers in task view

A new feature was added in version 2011.1 that makes it possible to assign performers without performing a task.

To activate this feature, follow the instructions above and set Automatically show Assign performers property to True.

Assign tasks to previous performers

The Previous performer feature is controlled in the Properties section of a task or lane. In the section Participants you will find the controls you need. Right-click on a task OR lane depending on where you have placed the participant symbol and configure the PerformersFilter to your needs.

  • All means that every user associated to the participant in the swim lane receives the task for completion.
  • If you select PreviousPerformer, the task will be sent only to the person who performed the previous task in the lane, even if he/she is not alone in the participant role. For example, if you are in Task 4 and send the work back to Task 3, only Sara will receive the task as she was the previous performer.

  • The AllPreviousPerformers function makes it possible for all participants who have been involved in the lane of a specific instance/case to take action in a task. For example Peter, Maria and Sara have all been involved in the instance and can therefore perform Task 3. They are all familiar with the instance/case and might be better suited to handle the task than the rest of the group. Of course participants can only act within their lane, as usual.

NOTE: This works when moving forward in a process as well. If, for example, a Task 5 was placed in the same lane as Task 3 and configured with PreviousPerformer, only Sara would receive it since she performed Task 3.

NOTE: If you assign a task with more than one performer, the performer that first completes the task will be the continued performer.