The smaller area to the right is a menu giving you access to other task content. This is also where you save changes and complete the task. You can also read commentslock the task to prevent others from performing it (lock symbol) and share it to others with a permission to view, edit or perform the task. See the picture below for details.


The task overview is always available from the menu, and it is often displayed next to the menu when you open a task. The overview contains:

  • When the task arrived.
  • Which participant the task is assigned to.
  • The task deadline (if there is any).
  • Comments from previous users (if there are any).
  • Task instructions, possibly with selected form field data.
  • Task and instance information (when the instance was started, by whom it was started and for how long it has been active).

A users that has Full Control (i.e. is an Application Adminstrator) will see a small cog-wheel beside the task deadline and be able to set or change the deadline for the task. See Task deadlines for more details.


The menu also contains available forms – it says view or edit depending on what you are allowed to do. To edit an editable form, just open it from the menu and make your changes. Then save them using the button mentioned above.

Content folder

If this option is turned on by the application administrator, the content folder is available from the menu (see picture above). Click on it to open the folder in the area to the right. Here you find forms, documents and other files related to the process instance. You can also add subfolders using the folder icon at the top right corner as well as upload new files using the other icon at the top or just drag and drop a file to the area under the listed content.

To delete a file, select it in the content folder and click on the red basket bin to the right. 

NOTE: You can’t delete files that are connected to a form field, they has to be removed through the form.

Share tasks

If you want to share your task with someone else use the little arrow at the top right. Choose if the invited user can view, edit or perform the task or if you want to assign the task and upcoming tasks to a new performer. 

More actions

A common action under the More actions heading is Add form. Forms that are configured to be optional output from a task (administrators, please see the Forms (object templates & data objects) and associations article) will show up here. Click on Add form (or Add Report in this case), fill in the new form template and click Save to save the new form to the Content folder.

Resources incl. process model

Links and guiding documents are available under Resources. The Process model might be hidden depending on the settings made by the application administrator. If it is available, just click on it to see the model.