If you want users to be notified of an incoming task to their Barium Live inbox via their regular e-mail inbox, notification messages can be of great help. This feature will send an e-mail each time somebody has a new work item of a certain type to do. For high volume process applications and regular users this will be perceived as spam, so make sure you only use the feature to those who are not regular users – otherwise their e-mail inbox will be inundated with Barium Live notifications!

It is also possible to configure recurring notifications, or reminders, which means that more e-mail notifications will be sent out regularly or when the task deadline comes closer.

The e-mails will be sent to the e-mail addresses that the participants provided when signing up.


1. To apply this feature to a certain task, right click on the task symbol and choose Properties to open the properties panel.

2. In the Notification section, set Notify to True.

This will create a standard default e-mail will look something like this:

3. It is also possible to customize this e-mail by adding content to Body and Heading fields. These fields are accessed by clicking the square to the left of NotificationMessage as seen in the picture. Thereafter insert content in the fields.

HINT If you want to add larger amounts of content we suggest you press the button to the right in the picture above. This will open a dialog like this:

Add your content and press Ok.

4. If you want to create more advance notification messages, look at the example below to find out how it is built. (Based on our standard settings message.) Basically you use HTML code to create better looking emails and add process information with dollar signs ($).

For example,


inserts content from the field with name email within the form with DataID reclamation and makes it bold. Please find more example variables below.

Notification message example (seen under section 2 above)

<p> You’ve got a new task regarding <b>$activity.name$</b> in your inbox on <b>$site.name$</b>.</p>
<p>Task: <b>$task.name$</b> in <b>$application.name$</b>.</p>
<p><a href='$task.links.show$'>Follow this link to show the task.</a></p>
<p><i>This is an automatic notification message, you cannot reply to it.</i></p>

Example variables

Instance variables


Application variables


Workitem (Task) variables


E-form fields


Learn more about DataIDs and FieldNames in the Picking up form data: DataID & FieldName article.

Layout and design

You can add layout and design to the e-mail message by using simple HTML. Add things like line breaks, bold text or clickable links with simple HTML code.

Common HTML code for e-mail messages

<br>         Line Break
<b>bold</b> Bold text
<i>italic</i> Italic text
<a href=”link.com”> URL Link


1. If you want more e-mail notifications to be sent out if the task isn't completed, you can set a reminder. Choose one of the options below as shown in the picture.

  • None
  • Every 24 hours (every day at the time at which the task arrived)
  • Once a day (every day at 7 AM CET)
  • Weekly (every week at the day and time at which the task arrived)
  • Monthly (every month at the date and time at which the task arrived)
  • Every Monday (every Monday at 7 AM CET)
  • First every month (first day of every month at 7 AM CET)
  • On deadline
  • One day before deadline
  • One week before deadline
  • One month before deadline

NOTE: Deadlines are set individually to each task, like described in the article Task deadlines.

NOTE: Only three reminders total will be sent.