An intermediate event represents something that happens between the start and end events. (A task is not an event.) You can add different kinds of triggers to the event, in order to automate the process.

Intermediate event triggers

Intermediate events have the following triggers:

  • None
  • Message
  • Timer
  • Error
  • Cancel
  • Compensation
  • Rule
  • Link
  • Multiple

To set a trigger, right-click on the event and choose Intermediate Trigger.


None is the default setting, which means no trigger. In a runnable process, the token will simply pass through the event without doing anything.


The Message trigger sends or receives a message. For example, it can be used to send e-mail messages.


See the article Business Component: Send e-mail.


The Timer pauses the instance for a defined period of time. You find a more detailed description of the intermediate event here: Customizing an Intermediate Timer event.


To set the time for which the instance should paus, right-click on the event and select Properties. Under Schedule, set a TimeCycle value in minutes.