To make certain parts of you process link somewhere out of the process map, for example to a website, a document or to a SharePoint site, you can add a URL link to one or more of its symbols. This helps you illustrate the process, and for SharePoint users it comes in handy if you have different sites for different departments or if you have divided your sites into managing processes, operational processes and support processes.

Add URL links to symbols

1. Right-click on the symbol, for example a task, that you wish to link from and choose Properties.

2. A panel, with options for that symbol, appears on the right. In the section called Link there are two options:

  • Target – write a target to determine how the website/file is opened:

_blank: Opens the site/file in a new window or tab

_top: Opens the site/file in the same frame as it was clicked

_self: Opens the site/file in the parent frameset

_parent: Opens the site/file in the full body of the window

  • URL – write the address to the site or file (must start with http:// or https://)


Example: http://sharepoint/Site1/Site2 (to reach a certain SharePoint site)


Users clicking on the symbol in a shared process or in a runnable process will now see the site or file that you have set.