The business component Create Folders allows you to create a custom and predefined folder structure in the case folder found in the panel on the right hand side for new process instances in a process application.

The case folder is where all the e-forms are saved and where all other, unstructured information can be saved as well. Things like correspondence, supporting information and other files that can is important to performing the tasks in the process application.

Creating a predefined folder structure helps your process participants to understand where certain information is to be saved and to ensure that it’s easy to find vital information if you need to follow up a specific case or several cases. It is, however, possible for the participant to add or change the folder structure when performing tasks in the process application so that it isn’t rigid and inflexible.

The Create Folders Business Component is available in the tab called Business components and can be configured on tasks in your process model by dragging and dropping it in the process model.

Adding the Create Folders Business Component

The Create Folders business component can only be dropped on tasks that are of the type Service. This means that you must model a Task into your process model and set the type to Service. Thereafter you can drag and drop the Create Folders Business Component onto the task.

Set the Task Type by right clicking on the task, clicking on Type and choosing Service from the list of available Types.

A small icon in the form of a small cogwheel in the top right corner of your task. This indicates that the task will be performed by an automatic service, a business component that will run.

Once you have set the Type to Service it’s possible to add business components to it. It is ONLY possible to add business components to Service Tasks.

Click on the tab Business components in the Barium BPMN Modeler.

Drag and drop the Business component Create Folders from your business components palette and drop it on the task you just created.

When you drop the business component Create Folders onto your task a window will popup where you can add the arguments to your business component as input.

In this case you must define the folder structure that you wish to create in the case folder for your process application. This is done by simply writing the name of the folders you wish to create in text in the field. If you want multiple folders you simply write each folder name on a separate row.

If you wish to create sub folders you can do so by writing a backslash (\) after the main folder and before the sub folder as seen below.

When you are done, click on the button Ok at the bottom of the Business components Arguments window.

You will notice that your task will receive one more icon, this time attached on the top right corner of the task indicating that the task has a business component configured to it.

If you create a process application with this business component added to a task in your process flow you will see that the case folder structure will contain the folder structure that you added to the business components arguments in the process model.

Changing the Create Folders business component

To change the settings of the business component on a task where you have already added it to you have to right click on the task containing the business component and click on properties.

In the properties tab, under the section Business Components you can access the configured business components that have been added to the flow object, click on the button beside the text (collection).

A window will open that shows the name of the business components that have been added to the task. Click on Create Folders and then on the button Edit… if you want to change the arguments of the business component.

The Business component Arguments window will pop up and allow you to change the folder structure that you wish your process application to generate in all process instances.

Do any changes you wish to do and click Ok to save it.