A process model that you have created in Barium Live, and that you have published, can be shared with external users. By activating a web link for the process model you can share the link to other people who will be able to view your process model and access all attached documents without even having to log on to Barium Live.

This is usefull in those cases that you as a process modeler need input from external parties on how you have modeled the process to get some direct feedback on improvements and changes that you may need to do.

Activating a web link

1. First you need to model a process, something like this.

2. Check in and publish the process model.

3. Activating web links for process models is done in Process Settings. Click on the button Process Settings.

4. Click on the tab called Weblink.

5. You can activate (and deactivate) a web link for the process by clicking in the checkbox. A link will immediately appear which is the unique link to your published process model that you can give to other people to be able to view your process model.

6. Add a password to your web link if you want to add additional security to accessing your process model. If another users tries to access your external web link that person must fill in the password you write in this field.

7. Clicking on the Create email button will automatically open your default e-mail program and automatically create a message that you can send quick and easy.

8. Before the web link is activated you must click on the Save button.

9. In the Process Information box you should see an indication that a Web Link is active for the process model giving you a quick indication.

Your process model has an active web link which allows any person with the link access to your process model and can easily give you feedback on how you have modeled it. You can always deactivate the web link by clicking on Process settings, unchecking the check box and clicking save. Any person trying to access your process will get a message saying that the process cannot be viewed.

Collaboration made easy!