The Container artifact is used when you want to add several documents (from SharePoint, other file servers or your own computer) or URL links to a process. To add documents from SharePoint or a file system, see the Add files from repositories article.

Add a container with files and links

1. In the panel on the left side of the modeler there is a section called Artifacts. In this section, look for the artifact called Container and drag and drop it to your process.

2. Right-click the container and choose the option Add item... Three options appear:

  • File – upload a file from your own computer to the process
  • URL – add a link to a website (must start with http:// or https://)
  • Repository item – upload files from a file system or a SharePoint server

Remove files or links

If you want to delete a document you previously added, right-click on the container and choose Edit items. A list of all the items in your container will be displayed. To remove an item, click on the X-button on the right side of the item.

Name the container

If you want to add a name to your container, double click on it and then write a name of your choice. You can also add a name by right-clicking the container and then choose Edit.