This article relates to BPMN 1.0 process. Looking for the BPMN 2.0 article? Click here!

To allow other users to take part of information from your applications you can give them different types of permissons. This is required in order to share list content, for example. Follow the steps below to edit application permissions.

Configure Application permissions

1. To share an application with other users within your space using permissions go to Application configuration under the Manage process application heading under Common tasks in the application overview.

2. Go to the Permissions tab

3. Choose groups and/or users to share your process to. You can add any group or user from the space you’re currently working in.

4. Choose which kind of permission you want to give.

  • View - A person that should be able to see all instances, tasks and information.

  • Edit - A person that should be able to administrate instances, tasks and information.
  • Full control - A person that should be able to do everything, including editing and configuring the way the process application runs.

5. Keep the Allow setting to activate your choices. (Deny saves your settings, but prevents the groups/users from access.)

6. Save.

The groups and/or users of your choice can now see the application in their Process Apps list. Depending on the permission type they will have different options in their Common tasks panel.