The Application configuration view is where you manage the details of each process application.

Open the Application configuration view

You can reach the configuration view in two different ways:

  • Open an application from the Process apps list and click on Application configuration.


  • Open a (deployed) process from he Processes list and click on Edit application.


Configuration possibilities

All the features below can be identified in this image.

Name and description

Add a name and description to describe the purpose of the application to other users.

Application timezone and language

Choose which language instances should have when they are started. You can choose to have a variable language or a set language. The instance language decides which language automatic notifications should have when e-mailing participants that they have a new task in their inbox.


Add and manage forms related to the application. Read more on how to create e-forms or how to add forms to process applications.


Share the process application to other users, or list viewers, using application permissions.

NOTE: for BPMN 2.0 processes the application permissions is managed from within the modeler, read more about this in the article process settings.

External start

Allow the application to be started externally, outside of Barium Live. Links can for example be placed on websites or sent i e-mails.

Configure Complete Task button

Set a new button name for all tasks in this application regardless of language settings. Check the Disable Confirmation Dialogue to disable the pop up confirmation window when pushing the complete task button.

Enable form to PDF conversion

Check this box if you want to enable PDF conversion of forms, for example in the task view.

Always notify participants of new comments

Check this box if you want all participants in a comment thread to be notified when new comments are posted in the thread. Without this selection the participants only get notified if they are mentioned in the comment.

Error message email

Enter an e-mail address to which notifications about errors that occur in runtime in process applications are sent.

Number series

Choose an available number series to automatically add a reference number to every started instance.

Allow groups when assigning performer

Check this box if you want to allow a user to choose groups when assigning performers and not only specific users.

Repository storage adapter

Check this box if you want to enable a repository adapter.

Common tasks

Start New Process Instance

Here all process start events are displayed. Click on one of them to start the process! This is convenient when you develop the process. Users start instances here, or by using an external link.


This is where you upgrade the application to a newer version of the process – or sometimes downgrade it to an older version. Simply choose the desired process version in the drop-down list displayed when you click in the button.

Participant configuration

This is where you connect user and/or group accounts to your process participants. See how in step 19 of the Create your first process application article. You can also configure individual task views for every participant.

All this is done by process version, and when clicking on the Participant configuration button a dialogue like the one below is displayed. Only process versions with active instances are displayed in the list. Choose the one that you want to configure, and you will get to edit participants and their task views for the choosen process version.

Stop application

Click here to stop the application, not allowing any more instances to start. Any ongoing instances will still continue running.