Introduction to repository files

A repository item is a document or file that exists in another document repository or system, such as SharePoint. SharePoint can contain any number of files and documents that have been uploaded to the SharePoint library and that exist within the SharePoint system. These documents can be added to a process model for those viewing the process to click on and open.

Why use repository files?

An essential part of process models consist of the documentation that you add to the different tasks and to the process model as a whole. In many cases these documents already exist within a business, in document repositories such as SharePoint or a shared network folder.

Add files from repositories

The smoothest way to add repository files, such as SharePoint documents, to processes is to use containers. Containers can be filled with pretty much what ever you like, including repository documents. If you wish to add just one single document, please start from step 3 below, and drag and drop the document into the process model in step 6.

Follow these instructions to add a respository file (a SharePoint document in this example):

1. Add a container to a task (association/dotted line between container and task).

2. Right-click the container and select Add item and Repository item....

3. Select Manage repositories... This dialogue can also be reached from the modeler tab Repositories, if you like to add single documents outside of a container!

4. Select SharePoint (or File system) and click Add.

5. Add Name (visible to you only), Server and Sub-site path (if any) and click OK in the two windows.

Example, SharePoint


Sub-site path: /sites/demo

Example, File System

Server: c:/users

6. Now, select your repository in the drop down menu, and your files will show up in the window below. Mark those documents (you cannot add folders) you want to be available in the container, click OK and you’re done! If you are not using containers, just drag and drop a document to the process map.


Open repository files

Save and publish the process to test it. When you click on the container in the process model, a new tab will open showing the files. Folders are shown as links to the repository on the SharePoint server. When the process is run, the container objects will be displayed in the task view.